Roots+Wings Playschool

Roots+Wings Playschool is a toddler playgroup in Greenville, SC.

This group of mindful parents and little ones (1-3 years) meets one morning a week in an environment that encourages kindness, play and learning.

Our play school will draw from many different education philosophies (Montessori, Reggio, Charlotte Mason and Waldorf). Our goal is to appreciate and practice the learning styles of numerous mindful educators in order for each parent to discover the style that best fits their family.

The core of Roots+Wings is nature. We believe children should interact with natural elements on a daily basis and that the best teaching tools are found elements from trails, backyards and our natural environment.

Regardless of learning the technical names of the learning philosophies, Roots+Wings believes in:

  • Daily outdoor time
  • A literature rich home environment
  • A community of loving friends and families
  • Habit formation in the early years
  • Project-based, hands-on and play-based learning 

We encourage families to fill their weeks with literacy and hands on learning at home. We strive to create a supplement playgroup to your own teachings. We have carefully selected a curriculum that fits our play-based mama hearts.

Many of the parents are loosely following The Peaceful Preschool is a curriculum designed for parents that homeschool their preschool child. It is alphabet focused, thus divided into 26 literacy-rich units. The gentle learning curriculum includes guidance in the areas of read aloud, phonics, counting, fine motor, gross motor, practical life skills and art skills. As a parent, you can decide what activities best fit your child’s needs and interests. Our first session of Roots+Wings we chose a letter a week each week. We will not be continuing this because we feel that we can not give the best instruction to this age group while focusing on the letters.

The Learning Coaches

Natasha, Co-Founder, Literacy Director

“It has been a dream of mine to open a school that truly exemplifies what I want for my own child- a place where childhood is embraced, academic are taught through literature and play and time outdoors is valued. I wanted to open a school where parents were friends, student’s emotional well being and habit formation was of higher importance than their ability to compute math problems and learn phonics.

What I have been given the opportunity to offer is even better than this. I have been gifted friendship with other mindful parents that want the same for their children. My Role in Roots+Wings is to organize the lessons, curriculum, finances and families so that the learning coaches are able to guide the group with fun and engaging learning.”

Mary,  Arts Director

Mary is currently taking a leave of absence while she nourishing her body through her pregnancy of her second child. We miss her and are excited for her wonderful crafts when she returns.

“As a parent, we can infuse life skills along side our child’s own creative instincts. Art has always been a part of my life and I was fortunate to attend a creative arts high school that exposed me to various mediums of art. It may be messy but it’ll be worth it! The children involved in this group will learn that art is more then paper and crayons. They will create with dance, food and multiple mediums to encourage them to discover their own unique talents.

My role in Roots+Wings is to develop lessons for the children and coordinate the field trips. I am passionate about giving back to the community. One of my favorite ways to do this is through taking groups of children to assisted living homes to spread cheer.”

You May Be Wondering…

Where and when does Roots+Wings meet?

We will have two to three different sessions beginning in January. Swamp Rabbit Cafe. This will allow us parents to chat and discuss our plans for home learning in the upcoming weeks and enjoy some time to chat together. New locations in January 2018!

What ages are welcomed?

The group is designed for children 16 months to three years, but we are a flexible group so use your best judgement for your child. Siblings are welcome to come with you. (We love babies and helpful older siblings!)

My child has some special needs, do you think they could participate in these activities?

Yes! We encourage parents of children with disabilities to attend. Natasha’s background is in special education. If you feel comfortable and want to share, just give Natasha a heads up when you register so that she can accommodate the activities for your child’s physical, social, emotional or learning needs. 

My child doesn’t know the alphabet yet. Can they still join?

Of course! This group is not about pushing children to memorize or read. In fact, we encourage parents to not go this route with their child’s precious toddler years. Our literacy learning time is about presenting letters through fun activities and books. There will not be flashcards, quizzes or pressure to learn the letters… just fun!  

Is this a mom’s morning out program? Can I drop my child off?

At this time, it is not. Parents myst participate in the co-op learning experience. We have designed the program as a coaching model rather than a “drop off” model. That being said, if you personally cannot attend each week, feel free to send your child with a grandparents, aunt, uncle, friend or nanny. 

What makes this program different from a free library program or something like that?

We expose the children to many different types of learning activities such as science experiments, creative arts, and fine/gross motor practice. We prepare sensory experiences, coach parents as we go and plan both a literacy component and mini lesson each week. That being said, library programs are awesome and are a great addition to your family rhythm. 

The Nitty Gritty

How much does this cost?

Roots+Wings Playschool runs in 10 week sessions. We ask that payments are made in full prior to beginning in our class or two 5 week interval payments.

There is a registration fee of $45. This is cost non-negiotable.

While we would love an $12 each session to support the planning and time commitment towards running this co-op.  We are also very understanding of hardships and believe in a community above all else.  Please contact Natasha If you are unable to pay the full amount but would still like be involved. There may be opportunities for you to partially pay with your time or expertise.  

How many weeks is the program?

Roots+Wings is run in 11 week sessions. Only 10 of these weeks are instructional. Our first session runs August 16th- October 25th. The next session is projected to start back on Nov 8th but will be stretched over a longer period of time due to holiday breaks. Specific dates coming soon. 

What does a typical session look like?

Each Roots+Wings playdate will have a similar structure so that the children will become familiar with the rhythm. Get a glimpse here:

A week 

B week

C week

D week 

E week



If you have any questions, please contact Natasha. (813)503-6811

or through Instagram Direct Message,