Roots+Wings Playschool

Roots+Wings is a toddler and preschool member community in Greenville, SC.

There are different involvement options: 

  1. Roots and Wings Playschool- Park Days (every other week, Wednesdays)
  2. Roots+Wings Playschool- Nature Days(every other week, Wednesdays)
  3. Pop Up Playschool (a couple Fridays/month)

Please note that our class offering this Fall will greatly expand to offer a two day option, grandparent and me classes and differing locations.

This group of mindful parents and little ones (2-5 years) meets one morning a week in an environment that encourages kindness, play and learning.

Our play school   gathers inspiration from many different education philosophies including forest school and Waldorf. Our goal is to appreciate and practice the learning styles of numerous mindful educators in order for each parent to discover the style that best fits their family.

The core of Roots+Wings Playschool is nature. We believe children should interact with natural elements on a daily basis and that the best teaching tools are found elements from trails, backyards and our natural environment.

 Roots+Wings believes in:

  • Daily outdoor time
  • A literature rich home environment
  • A community of loving friends and families
  • Project-based, hands-on and play-based learning 

We encourage families to fill their weeks with literacy and hands on learning at home. We strive to create a supplement playgroup to your own teachings. Natasha has carefully designed a curriculum that fits our play-based mama hearts.

You May Be Wondering…

Where and when does Roots+Wings Playschool meet?

Roots+Wings Playschool meets once a week. Pop Up Playschool will meet about twice a month. We meet at Legacy Park and Paris Mountain State Park.  Most families stay for 2-4 hours, sometimes it becomes an all day event because we all like hanging together.  We start at 10:30. Official class is about 1 hour.

Do you meet inside or outside?

Outside! Yes, it is cold during the winter time. We recommend layers, winter coats, gloves and blankets. And always, regardless of the weather bring a change of clothes because these kids play hard!  In the winter, if the weather is expected to be below 40 degrees, we will cancel the session. If we cannot do a make-up day, will Venmo the payment back to everyone at the end of the month. There have been a few weeks that I host at my house so that we can still meet up.

What ages are welcomed?

The group is designed for children 2-5 years, but we are a flexible group so use your best judgement for your child. Siblings are welcome to come with you. (We love babies!)

What does a typical session look like?

Each Roots+Wings Park Day and Pop Up will have a similar structure so that the children will become familiar with the rhythm.

Sign In, Hello Song

Mini Lesson,  Read Aloud

Invitations to Play (Centers or Stations)

Free Play- stay as long as you would like. Bring snacks or lunch with you.

Children will be looking at the textures of tree bark, examining the beauty of a flower petal, becoming familiar with fairy tales and beautiful literature…not to mention making sweet friendships as they explore together.

Roots+Wings Nature days have an abbreviated teaching time. We still do our welcome song and sign in, a read aloud and a little activity, but there are no pre-planned centers because we want the children bonding in nature.

The Nitty Gritty

How much does this cost?

Roots+Wings Playschool- We ask that payments are made in full prior to the session start date.$10/class for play school days. $6/class for Nature Days.  Yes, it is very inexpensive compared to most classes. We are fueled by the kindness of parents to pitch in when they can, Pricing may change as our formatting changes.

We really hope that most families that choose play school do both the park days and the nature days so that the children can bond with each other weekly. However, you can decided to only do Park days. 

Playschool Pop Up- $12/class. You pay through Venmo to save your spot. Since there are many people that want to attend Roots+Wings Playschool but spots are limited, we decided to add this Pop Up option. It is very similar to Park Playschool days but not as many class meet ups. We are hoping that at least half the class is a consistent group of friends so that the children can learn and grow together. If you would like to secure your spot for the session term, you’re welcome to pay for all session dates for a discounted rate of $10/class. 

How many weeks is the program?

We do session terms. The next sessions that we are opening up are:

January & February

March, April and May

Can we do all three class options or will the content be the same?

We would love to have you join in on all of it! Playschool works on themes and the pop ups highlight the themes. For example, when Playschool is doing a bear theme, Pop Up will do a day full of 3 Little Bears.

What are the dates and themes?

Roots+Wings Playschool-

Jan 9- Bears (Woodland Animal Month)

Jan 23- Owls (Woodland Animal Month)

Feb 6- Gnomes, Fairies and Valentines Day (Whimsical Month)

Feb 20- Gnomes and Fairies (Whimsical Month)

Roots+Wings Nature Day

Jan 16- Decorating Tees (Woodland Animal Month)

Jan 30- Building a Den (Woodland Animal Month)

Feb 13- Building Fairy Homes (Whimsical Month)

Feb 17- Mushroom, Moss and Magic (Whimsical Month)

Pop Up Playschool-

Jan 18-  Woodland Animals

Feb 1- Fairy Tales

Feb 15- Nursery Rhymes

*We may add more pop ups based on interest and time.

Is this a mom’s morning out program? 

At this time, it is not. Parents must participate in the learning experience. We have designed the program as a coaching model rather than a “drop off” model. That being said, if you personally cannot attend each week, feel free to send your child with a grandparents, aunt, uncle, friend or nanny. 

My child has some special needs, do you think they could participate in these activities?

Yes! We encourage parents of children with disabilities to attend. Natasha’s background is in special education. If you feel comfortable and want to share, just give Natasha a heads up when you register so that she can accommodate the activities for your child’s physical, social, emotional or learning needs. 

What makes this program different from a free library program or free nature club?

We expose the children to many different types of learning activities such as science experiments, creative arts, and fine/gross motor practice. We coach parents as we go and plan both a literacy component and mini lesson each week. We focus on community and relationships. Having a small group of children and parents interacting each week is a pillar to our program. You will often find Playschool families bopping around together other days of the week as well. 

We want to use this as an alternative to preschool, what do the kids do on non-playschool days?

Since we only meet one to two days a week, this allows freedom to learn at home or attend other great classes in our area. Many of our families supplement with an art class, music class or story time. Most that attend the Wednesday class meet up on Fridays for some type of free play a couple times a month.  Personally, we don’t do any other classes because we love being home or hang out with grandmas the other days 🙂


If you have any questions, please contact Natasha. (813)503-6811

or through Instagram Direct Message,