Roots+Wings Playschool: B Week

B week was a blast at Roots+Wings Playschool!  We are so proud of all the kids for participating and learning about bears and birds to celebrate B week.


Please enjoy this photo summary of our day!

Invitation to Play

       (Feather painting. The children used brightly colored feathers to paint. I love how the “brushstrokes” look with different mediums!)

(Literacy: Our literacy area this week was full of all types of books and a Handwriting Without Tears alphabet poster. It is a nice little area for the kids to take a break from the sensory activities to take in a book)

(Going On A Bear Hunt Literacy Activities: Each bottle had a book setting. The children were able to look for the bottles that correlated with the pages, learn about the natural elements and shake the bottles up to listen to how each bottle had a different sound)
(Bird Seed and Feathers Sensory Bin)

Read Aloud & Mini Lesson

(Welcome Song with the sweetest little helpers)

(Jamberry Read Aloud- I highly suggest a berry tasting party at home!)

And Bear Hunt Read Aloud with the sensory bottles)

Main Activity

(We made bird feeders. The kids loved scooping, spreading, rolling…and eating the peanut butter and bird food!)


Thank you for joining!   

Photos by: Ashlie, Mama Bear Upstate Birth Photography

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