Roots+Wings Little Friends

Please note that we have merged this Little Friends group with Playschool Green in January.

Roots+Wings Playschool is a baby and toddler member community in Greenville, SC. This group of mindful parents meets two to three times a month in an environment that encourages kindness, learning, and play.

The core of Roots+Wings Little Friends is nature. We believe children should interact with natural elements on a daily basis and that the best teaching tools are found elements from trails, backyards and our natural environment.

How is Roots + Wings Little Friends different from other programs or mom groups?  

We aren’t a program.  Roots+Wings as a whole is about community and we are excited that the community can now begin as early as 6 months old through this Little Friends group. Little Friends is about offering learning opportunities and invitations to play to the children and giving the parents time to chat and learn alongside their child. There are short lessons, but endless opportunities for learning. We expose the children to many different types of learning activities such as science experiments, creative arts, and fine/gross motor practice. We focus on community and relationships. Having a smaller group of children and parents interacting each week is pillar to our program.

Who is the teacher?

Although there is little formal instruction, there is a teacher during Little Friends meet ups. Ms. Laura and Ms. Mary lead the children in a welcome song, mini-lessons and present the invitations to play to the students. Please read more about the teachers here.

What is the style?

Our Little Friends group gathers inspiration from many different education philosophies including Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, Reggio and Montessori. Our goal is to appreciate and practice the learning styles of numerous mindful educators in order for each parent to discover the style that best fits their family. Above all else, the style is play!

When and where are the meet ups?

Since Playschool is a community, you are paying for being a member in the group, not classes. However, we do have a set time and place to gather. We currently gather at Legacy Park. We meet on Monday mornings.

What ages are welcome?

We have designed the play activities for children 6 months- 2 years. Older siblings are welcome to come and hang out on the “Art blanket” for an additional $5/month.

Can I do Little Friends and Playschool?

Yes. If you are siblings of different ages then it would be great to participate in both groups.

How much does it cost?

Beginning September 2019, membership will typically cost $30/month.

How do I sign up?

Text Natasha at (813)503-6811. Email her at

Or feel free to message her on the Facebook through Playful By Design Co.