Roots+Wings E Week

E week with Roots+Wings Playschool was my favorite week so far!   We learned about eggs this week.

Please enjoy this photo summary of our day!

Main Activity

(After some reflection and thought, we decided to do our main activity before our invitations to play so the kids could get the wiggles out. It was so much better. The children went on an egg hunt. In each plastic egg there was simply a little leaf, stick, rock, or acorn. A goal of Roots+Wings is to engage children in observing the gift of nature. Parents were encouraged to work on helping the children cross the midline of their bodies by shaking the eggs in a diagonal.) 

Read Aloud & Mini Lesson

(The playschoolers are getting the hang of our morning greeting. I love that they are learning each others names and wave as they sing our hello song.) (We read The Golden Egg this week. I mean, aren’t the illustrations absolutely adorable?)


(We sang Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and, of course, enjoyed doing an interactive Humpty Dumpty Song.)

Invitation to Play

(The playschoolers had the opportunity to read Humpty Dumpty, play with the little characters and build a block wall for the poor little egg) 

(We practiced cracking and directing hard boiled eggs this week. The children loved the sensory experience of squeezing and separating the egg.) 

(We practiced filling, shaking and listening to plastic eggs with various pieces from nature. My favorite part was watching their little noses crinkle when they smelled the herbs. This is also a great way to sneak some fine motor practice in.

(Our painting invitation was to use tongs and clothes pins to pick  the pom poms out of the paint. The children then dot painted cut out eggs. This was more about fine motor than art, but the children loved this one.)



Thank you for joining!   

Photos by: Ashlie, Mama Bear Upstate Birth Photography

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