Roots+Wings: C Week

C week was a hit at Roots+Wings Playschool!   We learned about chicks and caterpillars this week.

Please enjoy this photo summary of our day!

Invitation to Play

(Very Hungry Caterpillar play station. Play food, a stuffed caterpillar and some books. Simple and fun was to bring the book to life.
(We added some foam letters and little letter tiles to the book. The children playfully matched the letters that they found with letters within the book. Some found the letters in their names. There was no goal upon putting the letters out, just an invitation to explore their shapes) 

(Caps for Sale Sensory Play. The sensory bin was full of sand, monkeys, large plastic coins and mini hats. The children loved the monkeys most, of course!) 

       (Simple cloud drawing and exploring with chalk… but really foot tracing and chalk eating because… Toddlers!)
(We had a super special invitation play.. baby chicks! One of our families works at a farm and brought in these sweet little friends for the kids to hold.)

Read Aloud & Mini Lesson

(Welcome Song with the sweetest little helpers then a quick reading of Very Hungry Caterpillar.)

(We placed our names to make a quick playschool caterpillar.)


Main Activity

(We then played hide and seek with the caterpillar in the big field to get some wiggles out. They ran, ran, ran and cracked us up with their hiding “skills”.)
(We finished up our day with some caterpillar play dough molding… Ok and can you even handle how beautiful pregnant  Camilla is? We are so excited that we will have a mini Roots+Wings student soon!)


Thank you for joining!   

Photos by: Ashlie, Mama Bear Upstate Birth Photography

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