Roaring Through The Week

Dinosaurs have been a major interest for our year old. In fact, she had a loose dinosaur theme to her birthday last week.

It all started when this minimal media child was allowed to watch a movie. After looking through netflix my husband and I decided that we would allow her to watch Land Before Time(the new one). Well, let’s just say she loved it and has been dinosaur crazed ever since.

I often done little play-based themes for our weeks in the past but now that she is older, these themed weeks are getting more and more fun, especially when it totally child-interest driven. Below is a photo summary of our activities.

(Dinosaur land, or as my daughter calls it “The Great Valley”)

(We created this simple dinosaur playspace for her for her birthday. Take a short, but large planter. Pop holes in the bottom. Add some rocks for terrain. Put in some branches and leaves. It has given her hours of fantasy play already.)(Sometimes dinosaurs need a bath… )(….or to go “swimming in the pool”)(Then the play may evolve into having a dinosaur tea party)(Which may turn into a dinosaur song and dance show. We like the 5 Little Dinosaur one from here and the major favorite here(We did a simple track painting)

(Melissa and Doug’s DInosaur puzzle is great. We use these puzzles more as play sets than puzzles after the first week. I usually just let the play evolve with puzzle pieces. We also like puzzle to book matching like this photo)

(Melissa & Doug rocks the dinosaur materials… their stamp set is great. This large stamp pad is a game changer!)

(Our theme book library. I do this little set up for all of our book themes. She gets so excited when she walks out to find a new theme set up…. every couple week. This fall, it will change ever 1-2 weeks through as we work our way through The Peaceful Preschool with Roots+Wings Playschool! Fun!)

(This volcano science experiment is perfect for toddler and preschoolers. Simply hollow out an apple, let them pour some baking soda in it. Then, let them poor some vinegar in. It’s short, everyday materials and super engaging for little learners.)

Since I don’t see this interest ceasing anytime soon.. hook me up with your favorite imaginary, sensory and play-based dinosaur ideas please!



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