Play Based Minimalism With Randi Tatsch

Our mission for our Interview Series is to hear from other moms that believe in play-based learning but also attracted to a minimalist lifestyle. To us, “play-based minimalism” is about believing that children should be given the opportunity to play in an environment that is designed for learning and imaginative play but free of physical and “commitment” clutter.


We are honored that Randi is willing to share with us about being a minimalist mom that encourages play-based learning. Randi is a mom to her little boys, Hudson and Jude. Her and her husband live intentionally and she has the joy of home pre schooling her boys. She cooks up some incredibly nourishing meals and has a beautiful Wild+Free style mom heart.

How has “play-based minimalism” helped you as a mom?
“It has made me a better mom since it has simplified our life. Clutter creates a drain on the senses. I feel less organized when there are tons of toys out. Embracing a minimal life style helps us feel happier in our home. My children spend the majority of their time at creative play. They are learning through play since they have less stuff competing for their attention. This carries over to other spaces. As a mom, I love how they can engage each other in imaginative play no matter what environment we are in.”
What is your philosophy of play?
“We play with natural materials as much as we can. My boys will turn sticks, rocks, leaves, and acorns into people. My oldest son gathers treasures on our backyard hikes. They spend their days in unstructured play so they can use their imaginations. They choose what to play with and I only step in if they have a disagreement. When I purchase new toys for them, I value quality over quantity.  I carefully consider the item before bringing it into our home. I try to focus on beautiful, functional or educational items. We have mostly wooden toys and books.”
What is your best piece of advice for parents designing their child’s play space or bedroom?
“I use Houzz and Pinterest, since I’m a visual learner. There are not many toys out in their room. Clutter creates an uneasy feeling so their rooms don’t have many items out. Most of their belongings are in the closet. However, a few beautiful and well loved toys and books are out. My boys fall asleep quickly and easily. Their room is a calm and pleasing space. I also designed it so that it will grow with them. There is a beautiful midcentury dresser, a queen size bed, a nice, inexpensive rug, and a bookshelf/desk.”

What is your favorite toy for young learners?
“My favorite toys spark imaginative play. My boys spend a great deal of time playing with their play kitchen. They also really love homemade play dough! “

What atmosphere does “play-based minimalism” create in your home? 
“When you focus on minimalism, you create a nurturing home. We spend quality time together. We come together as a family. We enjoy a daily rhythm of open play, reading, connection, and nourishing meals. My children learn values since they clean up after themselves. It is a work in progress of course! Our boys share with each other very well. The toys we have around are such a nice quality that they should last a long time. We experience a relaxing, peaceful home. “
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