Play-based Minimalism Interview: Jenn Salsich

Our mission for our Interview Series is to hear from parents that believe in play-based learning but also attracted to a minimalist lifestyle. To us, “play-based minimalism” is about believing that children should be given the opportunity to play in an environment that is designed for learning and imaginative play but free of physical and “commitment” clutter.

This week, we are highlighting Jenn from SimplyOnEden, a wife and mom of three sweet kiddos.

How has “play-based minimalism” helped you as a mom?
“Reducing the amount of stuff and increasing the amount of space we have have been beneficial twofold. Personally, I am less stressed and spend less time talking to them about and actively cleaning the play spaces. Additionally, my children’s level of curiosity and creativity have really blossomed. Ultimately, we benefit from the calm and engaging atmosphere of a simmer play space and home
What is your philosophy of play?
“My philosophy on play is that learning and play are synonymous for children. When they play, they learn. I find that when they are struggling with a new skill, I can step back and approach supporting them by providing an engaging outlet to practice.  Each child learns differently so proving various forms of play allows each child to develop their own way into their true selves. “
What is your best piece of advice for parents designing their child’s play space or bedroom?
“Follow your child’s lead. If they are destroying their toy area and you find yourself constantly saying, stop climbing all over my furniture, sit back and observe.  They may, in this example, be focused on gross motor development. You may need to temporarily put toys away and climb a pile of pillows for a few days or use other gross motor toys. They tend to focus on one area of development at a time.  Observe what they seem to be naturally enjoying and gravitating towards and see what you can do within your budget, to support that. ”

What is your favorite toy for young learners?
“We have two… I can’t pick one over the other because they are both life changing for our family. The Grimm 12 piece rainbow is a tool we all use, from ages 1 to adulthood, and love. It allows for creative play and spacial awareness.  It goes from being a doll house to a pinball machine from one day to the next. Grimm toys are an investment but they are heirloom type toys that I hope to use with my grand kids some day far, far away.Secondly, we purchased the Gonge Riverstones and Hilltops. These work wonders for balance, coordination, sorting and so many other important pies of their development. Especially with busy children, having something that causes them to focus on their body seems to drastically improve their mood and helps them work out their extra energy. We use these inside and out and I cannot think of a better investment for your kids.  They are expensive but these will last for years and years and can be used from one stage to the next.”

Thank you for participating, Jenn!
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