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IMG_3167Welcome, to our virtual book club. I sit here already feeling the energy from this newly forming group. My hopes is that we are all able to get to know each other a little better through our book discussions. You all did a great job getting your votes in for the first book. Brain Rules For Baby by John Medina was voted as our first book to discuss. I truly hope you join in on our discussion, even if that wasn’t your top pick though. It is an insightful read that dives into early childhood brain development just enough so that you understand the why behind behaviors but not too technical that you feel like you are reading a textbook.

Friends and followers of me know, I like to create visions, document and research. I love pouring over words (hints, the book club!) and learning through others. But, I know that everyone is super busy and we have some new wonderful faces joining our tribe so I want to make this post quick and easy for you all.

Here are your next steps:

  1. Purchase or Check Out Brain Rules For Baby by John Medina
  2. Join our closed Facebook group.

That’s it! We will go through the next steps once you are in the Facebook Group.

I will leave you with a quote from Brain Rules for Baby that is such an important part of our group here, parenting and life,

 “Parenting is not a race. Kids are not provided for adult success. Competition can be inspiring, but brands of it can wire your child’s brain in a toxic way. Comparing your kids with your friend’s kids will not get them, or you, where you want to go.” 

We will begin discussing Brain for For Baby on March 6th. Please follow along on our Facebook group for more information on when chapters will be discussed and the rules for our group. But the main rule is very much related to the quote- we will not be competing with each other. Kindness comes first.

P.S Thank you for all of your sweet and encouraging messages and emails. You all know how to make this girls’ day!



We will be using the hashtag #PBDreads to organize our posts.

If you haven’t already and want to, I would love for you to like Playful By Design’s Page and participate in our general discussions there. I share some great articles there. (Or you can snoop at my life through Instagram if you want!)

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