Nature Club

Roots+Wings is a toddler playgroup in Greenville, SC.

There are different involvement options: 

  1. Roots and Wings Playschool (parent and me style class)
  2. Roots and Wings Nature Club (forest school inspired adventure club)
  3. Play-based Greenville Monthly Discussions & Events, free to public

The core of Roots+Wings Nature Club is probably pretty obvious…nature. We believe children should interact with natural elements on a daily basis and that the best teaching tools are found elements from trails, backyards and our natural environment.

You May Be Wondering…

Where and when does Nature Club meet?

We meet 2 Mondays a month. There will be additional nature outings, but they will be open to all. 

What ages are welcomed?

Just like Playschool, this  group is designed for children 2-4 years, but we are a flexible group, so use your best judgement for your child. Siblings are welcome to come with you. 

What does a typical session look like?

These sessions are beautifully informal. They are full of messy play, exploring in the woods and children learning to work as a team. Each session will have a “learning challenge”.  The goal is for this club is for it to be a modified forest school format.

We will be out in nature, rain or shine, for 2+ hours. If the weather is under 40 degrees, we may adapt. Purchasing all weather is greatly encouraged!


The Nitty Gritty

How much does this cost?

Nature club costs $15/month. Note that you are paying for the community and knowledge, not the outing. 


Where will this be located?

Paris Mountain State Park. We will meet at a Shelter and explore from there. Due to safety, the shelter name will not be listed on this website. 

Is this a parent-and me class?

Yes and no. Yes, the parents must stay with the child, as it is not a drop-off format. However, it is very child led. Parents will be asked to step back and allow the children to explore. Parents will also be encouraged to mindfully allow their child to push their independence and confidence by leaning on their friends and the teacher (Natasha). So yes, you will be there for liability purposes and for emotional and physical comfort of your child. However, your role is an observer, not a participant. 

If you have any questions, please contact Natasha. (813)503-6811

or through Instagram Direct Message,