So Let The Heart Beat Strong

After an amazing Thursday night meal with my family celebrating my husband’s birthday, It went to bed with this Waldorf Blessing in my head:

Home is where the heart is

So let this heart beat strong

May everyone who enters here

Rest in knowing they belong

May the sound of joyful laugher

Echo sweetly through each room

From the moment sunrise floods the Earth

To the rising of the moon

Then into the quite moments

Of each evening may you hear

The whispers of the angels

Singing softly in your ear.

I just find these words so powerful, so true and such a good reminder. I am so grateful that my life is full of such incredible people. I stood in the kitchen last night and my heart just was so full. My dad, brother and husband were chatting about everything from work to sports to how many calories are in each beer. My mom and sister-in- law were playing with my niece and Lydia, laughing at the adorable connection these two cousins have developed. And I just stood there, mixing the delicious pan of sauce, saying my own little prayer of gratitude.

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