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With the holidays approaching, we thought we’d give you some resources for some fun holiday (and educational) games to play with your children or students.  They’re fun, they’re festive, and (shh!!!) they teach your children, too!


Of course, we have to give recognition to our fellow educators who share their resources (for just a few bucks each…it’s a steal…some are even free!) on Teachers Pay Teachers.  This amazing website has more resources for educational materials than you could use in an entire lifetime of teaching.


Here are some of our top picks:


This holiday fluency game for elementary grades looks like so much fun I’d like to play it alongside them!  What’s even better?  It’s absolutely free with a simple download of the PDF!  This game correlates with five of the Common Core State Standards in Literacy.   Students work in pairs to read the phrases on the cards, make up sentences using the phrases, and then write their sentences down.  Once they have completed those steps, students can use the “fun phrase reading card”  to step the silliness up a notch by reading the phrases in an elf voice, like you’re very cold, like you’re a sleepy child, and many more!



Here’s another freebie for you!  This math game for middle schoolers, Build-a-Snowman and Build-a-Tree, has them converting improper fractions to mixed numbers.  Working  in pairs, students roll dice and must correctly convert the improper fraction into a mixed number in order to earn a piece to the snowman or tree they are trying to build.  The first person to completely build their picture wins!




High schoolers can practice writing a letter with this White Elephant activity (also free!).  Prepare students ahead of time by having them bring in any item from home that could be a part of the White Elephant Gift Exchange.  Items do not have to be expensive!  The funnier the better.  Ideas include a package of Ramen noodles, a box of tissues, or a tube of toothpaste.  Once students participate in the gift exchange, they are then instructed to write a thank you letter to the gift-giver.  Great holiday fun!




Other honorable mentions….


Holiday Treats Alphabet:  Letter and Sound Recognition Game  ($1.00)

Holiday Math Number Cube Game ($1.50 for 4th-8th grades)

Holiday Owl Poke Math Facts Bundle ($5.00 for the bundle that includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Can be purchased separately for $2.00 each).


Blog written by Lauren Bronson from Tampa Learning Co.

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