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Roots+Wings: Cloud Themed Preview Day

Each Roots+Wings playdate will have a similar structure so that the children will become familiar with the rhythm. Today was rainy so some of our planned lessons were altered and most families stayed home due to the weather, but we had a great time enjoying some cloud activities. Please enjoy this photo summary of our day!

Invitation to Play

(Playing with cloud sand)
(Planned sensory bin, but decided to not bring it out because we were inside)

Read Aloud
  (Really cute book!)
 (Little cloud turns into different shapes.)

Main activity, Mini-lesson

(Ink blot cloud art)(Creating clouds with cotton balls, shaping them like the book)

We had a fun science experiment planned, but the weather didn’t hold out for us. No worries though, it was a perfect opportunity to talk about how rain comes from clouds.

Thank you for joining!   

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