Hello, Friends!

Hello there. I am so glad that you have come into my playful, simplicity seeking space. I have always had an entrepreneuar’s mind with an educator’s heart. I am a nature loving mama of a sweet little girl.  I am also a lucky wife to my hard-working college sweetheart, Zach.

When I’m not playing with Lydia, I sneak in some work. You see, I’m a self proclaimed child development nerd. I love learning about developmental levels and how the activities and environment that we create effects our brain function.  I believe that childhood should be cherished, dirt is meant to be played in and songs are meant to be sung.

I research, I consult and I pour my heart into helping others learn  mindful ways to help their little ones play and grow. My focus is on helping families create a happy home through gentle habit formation, family rhythm and minimalism.

And just in case you were wondering… I can be bribed by black coffee, raspberries and salvage wood furniture.

Formal Bio:

  • Master’s degree in Behavioral Disorders, specializing in Positive Behavior Support
  • Undergrad in Special Education, K-12 Certified
  • Taught Special Education, Kindergarten-2nd Grade
  • Founded/Ran an Academic Coaching and Education Consulting company
  • Favorite Workshops/Trainings/Programs: How The Brain Works, Smart But Scattered, Handwriting Without Tears

Current Adventures:

  • Coordinator and Founder of Playful By Design Co., a community of mindful parents embracing play and simplicity
  • Director of Roots+Wings Playschool in Greenville, SC (Official launch August 2017)
  • Academic Coach (Very part time through Skype at this stage in life but I love it!)
  • Current project: Habits at Home (A gentle home-based approach to executive functioning and habits of young children)
  • Soon to be a  Cohesive Home Leader


Supporter of:

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for joining the Playful By Design Community. I am truly grateful for every one of you.